April 2017 Newsletter

A Message from the Vice President

Since the 1930s, C.A. Hull has continually evolved. Through all of the change, one thing remains the same: C.A. Hull’s greatest asset is its people.   

Whether this is your first year with C.A. Hull, or you’ve been with us for your entire career, every single person impacts the safety and success of the company. As we embark upon a record year for man-hours in 2017, our collective contributions as a team will be more important than ever. We are excited about the team that we have assembled and look forward to safely building, rehabilitating, and painting our upcoming projects together. As always, please look out for one another and constantly communicate as work progresses. 

Thank you for all of your hard work.  


Dave Turner,
Vice President

Job Spotlight: US-23

Motorists will be seeing a lot of orange barrels and C.A. Hull trucks while traveling US-23 this year, as our crews will be performing work on 17 structures from Monroe County to Fenton. These 17 structures are included within four MDOT projects, and C.A. Hull will be self-performing the following work activities:

  • Demolition – Full and Partial
  • Piling – Tube and H Sections up to 95’ in length
  • Concrete and Steel Beam Erection – up to 57 tons
  • Structural Steel Work – Beam Replacement, Bolted Repair
  • Concrete Bridge Decks – 8 ea.
  • MSE Walls
  • Concrete Texturing
  • Expansion Joint Removal and Replacement
  • Slope Paving
  • Temporary Support Work
  • Structure Widening – Piers, Bridge Decks, 3 ea.
  • Hydrodemolition/Concrete Overlay – 2 ea.
  • Cofferdams
  • Culvert Bypass Pumping
  • EPS Lightweight Backfill
  • Concrete Surface Coating
  • Paint Work – Partial and Full
  • Concrete Repair – Substructure, Beam Ends

Work on the following projects started in September 2016 and is anticipated to be complete in November of this year:

C.A. Hull Project No. 1116 – US-23 from Lee Rd to White Lake Rd in Livingston Co, 7 ea. Bridge Rehabs

Start - September 2016
Completion – September 2017

2016 – Work was focused on superstructure repair; bridge deck patching, and expansion joints.

CAH Superintendent – Bob Grifka
CAH Foreman – Dan (Pete) Hunt

2017 – Work will focus on substructure repair, steel repair work, concrete surface coating, and paint work.

CAH Superintendent – Curt Vogel
CAH Foreman – Ralph Chamberlain
CAH Engineer – Elias Motz

C.A. Hull Project No. 1119 – US-23 from M-14 to Whitmore Lake, Washtenaw and Livingston Co

Start – November 2016
Completion – November 2017

Incentive-based three-phase project consisting of 3 ea. full removal and structure replacements, 3 ea. structure widenings, 2 ea. rehabilitations, and 2 ea. culvert extensions.

CAH Superintendent – Joe Wesley
CAH Foremen – Jamie Moore, Charlie Stimson
CAH Engineer – Ben Stachnik

CAH Fabricated Fork System – utilized to stabilize sheet pile

C.A. Hull Project No. 1120 – Lahring Rd over US-23, Genesee Co

Start – April 2017
Completion – May 2017

Lane rental-based project for the repair of a high load hit of the Lahring Rd structure. Project consists of removal and replacement of 2 ea. steel girders, heat straightening, steel repair, and partial superstructure concrete replacement.

CAH Superintendent – Bob Grifka
CAH Foreman – Larry Reinardy
CAH Engineer – Elias Motz

C.A. Hull Project No. 1123 – Summerfield Rd over US-23, Monroe Co

Start – February 2017
Completion – June 2017

Incentive-based removal and replacement of Summerfield Rd over US-23. Project work includes ramp removal and replacement on both bounds of US-23 in two phases, making Mead Brothers Excavating and Ajax Paving key subcontractors.

CAH Superintendent – Bob Grifka
CAH Foreman – Dan (Pete) Hunt
CAH Engineer – Elias Motz

Demolition to Beam Setting

With all the projects noted above, it is imperative that CAH works jointly with major contractors and subcontractors to facilitate a timely completion and quality product. These joint efforts have helped to further strengthen our working relationships in and out of the field.

These projects, and the many others we do, showcase the talent of the C.A. Hull team and how our core values - Safety, Teamwork, Innovation, Quality, and Integrity (STIQI) - are utilized to bring success.

CAH’s April Heroes

Three CAH employees, shown below, saved the lives of their co-workers last week at the Rouge River. While two employees worked above the railroad tracks from a man-lift, these three heroes noticed a quickly-approaching train entering the work zone without notice from the flagman or train. They were able to quickly notify the employees in the man-lift before anyone was injured.

A huge thank you goes out to these three individuals who exemplified our core values of safety and teamwork! This is a great reminder to be aware of our surroundings, look out for our team members, and make safety our priority so that everyone can go home safe.

Henry Guardiola (left), Will Sancen (center), and Josh Lott (right)

Understanding the Silica Dust Standard

On March 25, 2016, OSHA issued a final rule on respirable crystalline silica dust. The new rule is an updated version of guidelines established more than 40 years ago by OSHA. Contractors are required to comply by June 23 of this year, and enforcement of the new rule will start on September 23.

OSHA estimates that the rule, once its effects are fully realized, will save over 600 lives and prevent more than 900 new cases of silicosis each year. This rule was not designed to make your work life harder, but to ensure everyone goes home safe. C.A. Hull fully believes in this new standard and is dedicated to creating a better way of life for its employees.

We are currently working side-by-side with other organizations and product manufacturers to implement the tools and work processes needed to make this transition as easy as possible for each one of you. Although there will be changes in how we work with products containing silica, we expect a smooth transition. The two simplest ways we will control silica exposure are with the use of water and vacuums.

Things to Know:

  • All employees will receive training on the new silica standard.
  • All employees will receive training on new tool attachments and work processes for controlling exposure.
  • There will be a learning curve for everyone, and while CAH understands this change will not happen overnight, everyone will be required to adhere to the new standard.  
  • Written control exposure plans will be developed by CAH for each task involving silica to detail out how to perform the tasks to eliminate any guess work for crews.
  • The new standard requires contractors to use engineering controls and work practices such as water, vacuums, and inspections of processes, before any PPE (such as respirators) is used.


Congratulations to our 2016 OJT Graduates!

Laborers Christian Meza (left) and Tyrell Dalton (right) have been part of C.A. Hull's OJT program since 2014. Former NFL football star T.J. Duckett, (center), spoke at the OJT graduation on March 28. Congratulations Christian and Tyrell!

Employee Anniversaries: January to April 2017

January 1: Jason Kubacki, 20 years

January 6: Joe Wesley, 20 years

March 11: Damon Gengler, 15 years

March 24: Marc Parker, 20 years

March 30: Mike Copeland, 10 years 

April 1: Jerry Winfrey, 35 years

April 7: Tim Gardner, 15 years

April 12: Kevin Coaster, 20 years

April 28: Paul Beauchamp, 20 years