December 2019 Newsletter

Message from Mike

2019 presented several challenges for our team, such as a larger than usual number of smaller projects, the late start to our construction season, terrible weather in the spring, and seemingly never-ending issues that caused many jobs to start and stop repeatedly as we waited on direction from MDOT. However, with teamwork and perseverance we were able to solve these problems and finish our season.

In 2020 we look forward to new projects, new challenges, and new successes. The MDOT bidding season is just ramping up, and we already have over 60% of our targeted manhours for the year under contract. Fortunately, the 8 projects we have already won are within a 60-mile radius of the main office and will start in early spring. We will continue to add to this job list through the winter and are confident and excited about the work we’ll be part of next year.

I’d like to thank each of you for your hard work and dedication to C.A. Hull. It is because of your commitment and teamwork that we continue to be such an exceptional member of our industry.

I truly hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you early in 2020!

Mike Malloure,

2020 Work: Job 1141, Segment 3

The I-75 Segment 3 project includes 5.5 miles of freeway reconstruction, with the addition of an HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane in each direction and reconstruction of the service drives. The project includes 22 bridge replacements, including 6 pedestrian structures, 26,000 lft. of soundwall, 25,000 lft. of retaining walls, and a 4 mile storage and drainage tunnel.

As a member of the MI-75 Constructors, which includes Dan’s Excavating, Ajax Paving and Jay Dee Contractors, C.A. Hull will perform the majority of bridge and retaining wall work for Segment 3.The project also includes a 30 year maintenance term which includes language for the condition of the freeway for turnover to MDOT.

Project Challenges

  • Several thousand feet of retaining wall will be necessary due to the freeway widening. This will present a challenge, as it is necessary to maintain service drives and several critical utilities.
  • The project includes many new and interesting architectural treatments that will be difficult to construct.  
  • Work includes 4 mile long, 14’ diameter tunnel 100’ below the freeway. It will be constructed concurrently with the I-75 reconstruction.

Approximate Start and End Dates
SE quadrant (I-75 NB-8 mile to 696): March 2020 to November 2020
SW quadrant (I-75 SB-8 mile to 696): March 2021 to November 2021
NE quadrant (I-75 NB-696 to 13 mile): March 2022 to November 2022
NW quadrant (I-75 SB-696 to 13 mile): March 2023 to November 2023

Key Employees
Clay Malloure: Project Manager
Jake Hall: Project Manager
Gary Bischer: Superintendent
Joe Paget: Foreman
John Jurges: Foreman 

Click Fix Win: Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Click-Fix-Win program this year. Below are some wins we had along the way:
234 hazards have been corrected and shared. (12-14 near-misses reported annually in years past)
45 submissions related to FALLS - Leading cause of injury/death globally contributing to over 381 construction deaths in 2017.
82 submissions related to STRUCK-BY- Second leading cause of injury/death globally that contributed to over 80 construction deaths in 2017.
11 safety best-practices were shared- Ideas employees had and implemented on their job to improve safety.
$31,500 in prize money has been awarded.

Click-Fix-Win has Contributed To:
New, expanded safety conversations
Changed auditing processes
Changed teaching processes, with direct impact on our New Employee Safety Training (NEST)
Better understanding of real job struggles
Better understanding of the TRUE needs for crafting the best safety
Improved safety engagement

Employee Anniversaries

September 09: Mark Doolin, 5 Years
September 18: Steve Lackowski, 15 Years
September 22: JC Williams, 10 Years
October 09:Jake Winfrey, 10 Years