August 2019 Newsletter

A Message from Dave

Dear C.A. Hull Team,

As September is upon us, our projects are in full swing and work will continue to be extremely busy in order to complete before winter sets in. We appreciate everyone’s efforts adapting to the slow start to the year and the changes/delays that have occurred on numerous jobs. Together we will work on over 30 projects and 125 bridges across 19 counties this year!

Our main initiative for 2019 was to establish Quality of Life goals for our team members; these included scheduled holiday breaks, limiting 70+ hour work weeks and avoiding working consecutive weeks without a day(s) off. These goals are still a work in progress, but with proper pre-planning and communication, they are attainable goals that we can all benefit from. It is easy to get caught up in all of the work that needs to be done and discount worker fatigue, but we all have to be cognizant of how important it is to have time away from work to recharge. Please keep this as a topic of conversation on each job and further suggestions are welcomed.

Looking ahead to next year, we already have a solid amount of work that will begin early in 2020 and there are significant upcoming projects that we will be pursuing. We are very proud of our C.A. Hull Team and are excited about our position in the industry.  

As always, thank you for your hard work and dedication to C.A. Hull! Every one of us play an important role in the success of C.A. Hull. Stay focused on planning each task around safety, looking out for each other, and finishing the year strong!

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day holiday!

Dave Turner,
Vice President

Job 1148: M-55 at Pine River, Manistee

Job 1148 is a historic preservation of the Mortimer E. Cooley Bridge in Manistee, one of the only two cantilevered deck truss bridges in Michigan. Work includes a full cleaning and coating, structural steel repairs, riveting, pack rust removal, and miscellaneous concrete deck repairs and epoxy overlay.
Winner of the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Class C award for Most Beautiful Bridge in 1935, the Cooley Bridge has presented some new and interesting challenges for crews. The bridge is 555’ long, and 60% of the bridge is over water while the other 40% sits on steep slopes. It ranges from 20-60’ tall, none of which can be accessed with manlifts. A large majority of the bridge work requires some form of scaffold or access platform to reach the work.
We designed custom scaffold elevators, which suspend from the deck above, and are installing fully assembled, riveted cross braces. Each cross brace is 30’ long and weighs roughly 2,000 lbs. They will be lowered from above, pulled to the interior of the bridge, re-rigged, and carefully lowered into position.
One thing CAH employees like about this job is the quiet, peaceful setting and lack of traffic in the area.

Some other interesting highlights:

  • The abutments are hollow and cellular like the hypogeum of a colosseum.
  • The bridge is anchored to the abutments by 25’ anchor plates that resemble a pin and hanger. These plates tie down to the anchor beam, which is encased in concrete. If these beams failed the bridge would fold down the middle into itself like a bear trap.
  • The center span is mostly aesthetic and doesn’t contribute to the structural integrity of the bridge.


Employee Referral Program

C.A. Hull’s new Employee Referral Program gives you an opportunity to earn a little extra money while helping us grow our team.
The company will pay you a referral bonus of $50 if you refer a new hire. Please see the details below for more information.
•    Bonus to be paid after new hire completes 1 month of successful employment by a referred employee.
•    Referral bonus cannot be collected on direct report hires or on former employees who are hiring back in.
•    Referral bonus cannot be collected on hires that are part of your immediate family.
•    No limit on the number of referrals.
•    C.A. Hull does not encourage recruiting from our competitors, subcontractors, or customers.

To make a referral, send an email to with your name and the name of the person you are referring.
An applicant MUST also list your name on their application at

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Safety Spotlight

The goal for 2019 was to engage everyone in discussions and planning to bridge the gap between written plans and how work gets done every day. It’s not an easy task and by no means can be accomplished overnight, but if we keep pushing for greatness and never settle, we will have accomplished the impossible.
One of the ways we have started to bridge gaps was the start of our Click-Fix-Win program.  CFW gives everyone an opportunity to see the real problems and struggles we experience every day. It starts new conversations for changes in the future and allows new employees to learn from real, everyday hazards on the job.

In years past, we were lucky to receive 10-14 near misses reported per year. Now, with CFW and everyone’s help, we have reported and corrected over 170 near misses since March. Your submissions are helping to shape CAH’s future.
This year we have been sharing five CFW winners per month and feel it’s not enough. The team is working on other ways to share more of the information coming in for an even greater impact on the culture.
One type of injury we have noticed occurring often this year are lacerations to the face and hands. These lacerations often occurred due to excessive force, body parts in the line-of-fire, and not utilizing proper PPE for the task/present hazards.

How to Prevent:

  • Always perform pre-task planning (PTSA) for each task. If you cut corners on this, you can almost guarantee the task being completed will suffer as well.
  • Look ahead to make sure we have all proper PPE for present or future hazards as the task progresses. (Once you cut material, you may now have a cut hazard.)
  • Wear gloves when working with rough/sharp material. Wearing gloves can reduce cut exposure by 60% overall.
  • Do employees have a full understanding on how to complete the task correctly? You can see firsthand by monitoring their progress.
  • Make sure we have correct tools and machines to complete each task to work smart, not hard.
  • Never use excessive force to complete a task and always have a firm grip on tools and other items used.
  • Excessive Force- A force that would be hard to control if something were to slip, move or break.
  • Never swing, cut or force tasks towards the body or hands.
  • Ask yourself before the task- If this goes wrong, is my body in the way?
  • NEVER RUSH on the job. We are 70% more likely to make a mistake or injure ourselves rushing.
  • Never feel like a job is more important than going home safely tonight. Get 80% done today and be able to return tomorrow for the rest.

The more we communicate, plan together and correct hazards ahead of time, the safer we all will be.

Employee Anniversaries

May to August 2019
May 4: Joel Ramos, 10 Years
May 9: Greg Gillard, 25 Years
May 11: Gary Horton, 10 Years
June 22: Matthew Rossow, 10 Years
June 29: Lisandro Lopez, 15 Years
June 29: Javier Acencio, 10 Years
August 25: Jeff Rothley, 5 Years