April 2019 Newsletter

A Message from Mike

Dear Teammates,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2019!  I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the things we have been working on since last fall.

MDOT was very slow in letting out projects to bid last fall. Fortunately, our Estimators have been busy winning work since January and we now have a full season ahead of us as well as a good start on work for 2020 and beyond. In total we have 22 projects so far this year, and there are still jobs to bid.

Unlike the last few years, our projects are spread out around the state instead of the majority being in the metro Detroit area. Because of this, some of our long-term employees have decided not to return to Hull this season. Therefore, we are actively recruiting and welcome any referrals from current employees for hard working individuals that you think will be a great fit into the C.A. Hull team.

A few weeks ago, a new contract was negotiated and is now in effect between Operating Engineer Local 324 and C.A. Hull.  The agreement will be in use for the next 5 years, and I believe it sets the stage for a long and cooperative partnership between our company and OE324 management.

The Work Zone Safety Task Force is gaining momentum. This partnership between industry contractors, consulting engineers and MDOT is tasked with increasing the focus of everyone on our projects to ensure that we are making our work zones as safe as possible for all stakeholders. The task force is co-chaired by me and Tony Kratofil, MDOT Chief Operations Officer.  

One of the easiest and possibly most impactful things that each of you can do to support the efforts of the Work Zone Safety Task force and its mission to increase safety awareness, is to join our social media campaign on Facebook. Please follow the Michigan Work Zone Safety Task Force page and share the Work Zone Wednesday messages. Doing so will help get the word out to Michigan motorists about the importance of safe and undistracted driving while in work zones.

We have started our new “Click-Fix-Win” program which is designed to increase employee engagement in fixing safety hazards on projects while incentivizing the reporting of these close calls to the office so that they can be communicated throughout the entire company.  We have already collected more near misses in the past two months of the program than we did in all of 2018!

Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone for your continued hard work and dedication to C.A. Hull. More than ever I have been receiving compliments from people throughout our industry about the work we do and especially about the people that work here. Keep up the great work!

Mike Malloure, President

Job 1147, US-10 at Little Tobacco River

Start and End Dates
Stage 1 – EB US-10: April 8th-April 24th
Stage 2 – WB US-10: After Labor Day 2018

Project Team
Superintendent: Jeremy Handley
Project Manager: Rick Smith
Project Engineer: Jared Klebba
Project Foremen: Brian Handley, Kevin Coaster, and Pat Vinokurow

Key Subcontractor
M&M Excavating provided excavation of the area to allow the project team to begin placing steel sheet piling outside the work area and install the new box culvert.

Job 1147 includes the installation of sheet piling to divert the water flow from Little Tobacco River for box culvert replacement on both eastbound and westbound US-10. Each culvert consists of 28 ea., 22’x12’x4’ sections weighing 57,600 pounds each. This challenged the project team to find the safest ways to perform the critical lifts required and to place the sections successfully.

Project Challenges
The wet and rainy conditions made it difficult to apply joint sealant in between the boxes at the joints. Box deliveries were controlled due to a limited site storage area, and the limited swing radius of the crane.
As a section of box is set, a fall hazard is created due to the height of the box being over 6’ tall. Waterproofing needed to be applied at each joint of the box sections, on the outside vertical faces, and along the top. Greg Gillard utilized some cart supplies that were used on a previous project to construct a mobile handrail system, as shown in the picture below.

This is likely the largest box culvert section that C.A. Hull has constructed in a long time.

2019 Quality of Life Initiative

As part of our Quality of Life initiative, we are setting the following dates as mandatory project shutdown periods.
By setting these dates now, this will allow everyone to plan and prepare and get the most out of their holidays.

Mandatory Holiday Shutdowns

Memorial Day
 Friday, May 24th @ 3:00 PM through Monday, May 27th  
    Return to work Tuesday, May 28th @ 7:00 AM
July 4th
Tuesday, July 2nd @ 3:00PM through Sunday, July 7th
    Return to work Monday, July 8th @ 7:00 AM
Labor Day
Friday, August 30th @ 3:00PM through Monday, September 2nd
Return to work Tuesday, September 3rd @ 7:00 AM

2019 is going to be a very busy season and we appreciate all you do to make us the Best Bridge Builder in Michigan.  Enjoy your time off and thank you.

Giving Back

In an effort to give back to the communities in which we work, C.A. Hull has been working with Delray Neighborhood House, located underneath to the Rouge River Bridge.

We will be performing much needed upgrades to the facility to help them better serve the youth within the community.

As part of the upgrades, a site beatification/cleanup day will be planned in the near future. The date for this event will be determined soon.

Keep your eye out for an email on the date. Come volunteer and help give back!

Safety Spotlight: MISS DIG

As we start 2019, make sure underground utilities are marked before a shovel goes into the ground. Striking an underground line is 100% preventable with a little pre-planning and by verifying all lines are marked before we dig. Damaged lines cost the company a lot of time and money, but most of all, could be deadly for employees.

MISS-DIG (Dial 811) needs to be contacted 72 hours before digging begins. When a line is marked, it is more of a reference point, not an exact location.  You will need to perform a “soft dig” (pothole) with a hand shovel and ground-probe combination to locate the line. The exact line could be up to 5’ either side of the ground mark.

If markings get destroyed during construction, call MISS DIG again. While we have time for them to re-mark lines, we do not have time to put employees at risk.

Dave Snell Memorial Golf Outing: June 14, 2019

Don’t forget to register!

Help us honor our friend Dave Snell by signing up for the Dave Snell Memorial Golf Outing. The outing is open to anyone who wants to play, not just C.A. Hull employees.

For more info and registration, click below:

Golf Outing Registration

Meet Our New Staff

Amanda Durham

Jared Klebba
Project Engineer

Juanita Stanton
Payroll Administrator

Employee Anniversaries: January to April 2019

February 3: Ellen Dobie, 10 Years
Febuary 24: Blake Studer, 5 Years
February 27: Austin Bischer, 5 Years
March 3: Jonathan Brandel, 5 Years
March 3: Ronald Klee, 5 Years
March 5: Brad Twichell, 20 Years
March 10: Tyrell Dalton, 5 Years
March 10: Clay Malloure, 5 Years
March 10: Robert Vallade, 5 Years
March 12: Mike Malloure, 20 Years
March 12: Jared Stanford, 5 Years
March 17: James Marcella, 5 Years
March 17: Pete Marcella, 5 Years
March 17: Brian Sojka, 5 Years
March 19: Jeff Reed, 5 Years
March 24: Pat Fitzgerald, 5 Years
March 31: Klay Gillham, 5 Years
March 31: James Turner, 5 Years
April 7: Christian Meza, 5 Years
April 16: James Mallory, 5 Years
April 16: Karl Mallory, 5 Years
April 16: Nate Mikolajczak, 5 Years
April 21: Rick Smith, 5 Years
April 23: Chelsea Wesley, 5 Years

Thank you for your years of service. We appreciate your hard work and loyalty!

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