December 2018 Newsletter

Message from Mike

This year has been the most difficult I can remember. The tragedy of Dave Snell’s death and the accident that left Klay Gillham injured will forever make 2018 infamous in C.A. Hull history. In addition to these heartbreaks, the industry-wide labor dispute with the Operators Union significantly complicated our work and added stress during an already difficult time. I would like to thank each of you personally for your strength and teamwork throughout this year’s challenges.

Although we faced difficult times, we also had our share of victories this year. We worked a record 550,000 man hours, completed I-75 over the Rouge River, and were successful in winning the largest project in MDOT’s history, I-75 Segment 3.  I look forward to celebrating these successes in 2019 and would like to thank each of you for the part you played in achieving these goals. I anticipate 2019 to be a very busy year, and our estimators will work diligently through the next few months to secure additional work.

Again, thank you for your hard work, leadership, and dedication this year. Our greatest asset as a company is the people who work here. I wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.

Happy Holidays,

Mike Malloure

Job 1131: M-3 & Chene over I-94


J Ranck Electric
GM & Sons
Blackswamp Steel

Key Employees

Superintendents: Jeremy Handley, Jason Cadreau
Foremen: JC Williams, Brian Handley, Kevin Coaster

Project Scope

Job 1131 included the reconstruction of Gratiot and Chene over I-94 in Detroit, along with the removal of three pedestrian structures and the reconstruction of roadway and approaches to each structure.
S08 Chene: Comprised of a two span structure on piling with 38” continuous steel girders. The interim pier along the outside shoulder of westbound I-94 will be removed and replaced with a future pier once the freeway is realigned. The current layout of the future pier puts it in the center/right lane of westbound I-94.
S01 Gratiot: Includes 128’9” wide, eight lane bridge along with two sidewalks 11’ wide built part width on spread footings. Work also includes 40 EA precast 60” precast carbon fiber strand bulb-tee beams.

Project Challenges

Stage line sheeting with helical tie backs that hold back a 32’ excavation were particularly challenging on this project. Similarly, performing six bridge demolitions, three weekends of beam setting, and driving 24 piles with splicing in the center lane of westbound I-during four allotted weekend freeway closures challenged the experienced project team.

Interesting Project Work

The project required the removal of a portion of the freeway, drive and splice piling, and reconstruction of the freeway during a weekend freeway closure at S08 Chene. Pile was driven with two hammers simultaneously.
Both structures had unique and large abutments, as well as return and retaining walls with pours ranging from 150-500 cubic yards of concrete.


Have You Seen This Hard Hat Sticker?

This spring C.A. Hull began a small pilot program for mentoring new employees.
Team members with this sticker have been chosen by supervisors to be our first mentors.

Our goal is to provide employees with a solid program that helps develop new talent using our core values- Safety, Teamwork,Innovation, Quality, and Innovation Integrity .

The program will provide an avenue for open discussion and advice between new employees and veteran staff.  New employees have an additional place to go for feedback and contribution to our team. We hope to gain knowledge and insight from their feedback. We believe that Hull can become a place for a long-time career, not just another job.

Be sure to look for the eagle sticker on our jobsites and recognize these employees for their contributions to making C.A. Hull better, every day.

Lucky The Dog

The heartwarming story of a dog saved in a Detroit work zone and the bond he instantly had with the father of the construction worker who discovered him. This is the story of Lucky the Dog. Click below to watch the YouTube video!

A Holiday Message to Our Hull Families

The holidays are approaching!
As we close 2018, we wanted to take the time to thank you and your family members for your dedication.

Few work harder than the C.A. Hull Team as we build the bridges and roads of Michigan. The work that you build is vital to the economy of our state and nation. No computer, app, machine, or legislation can ever replace what you do. You are what builds our bridges and you are damn good at it.

A special thank you goes out to our spouses and family members for supporting us in what we do. Many of you have had to put the job first at times, and your family has understood and supported the careers we have chosen.

Be proud of what you have accomplished and know that C.A. Hull thanks you for all your hard work and sacrifice. You are what makes C.A. Hull great! Have a relaxing, fun and safe holiday season.
















Employee Anniversaries

May to August 2018

May 6: Andy O'Connor, 5 Years
June 3: Josh Bischer, 10 Years
June 20: Brian Brennan, 5 Years
June 23: Loren Ingram, 10 Years
July 8: Seth Rossow, 5 Years
July 8: Jacob Weaver, 5 Years
July 12: Tim Grau, 5 Years
July 22: Ben Erdei, 5 Years
July 23: Randy Brabant, 10 Years
July 31: Mike Jones, 5 Years
August 3: Tim Barton, 10 Years
August 26: Zak Underwood, 5 Years

Thank you for your years of service. We appreciate your hard work and loyalty!