Posted: Dec-20-2017
A Message from Mike

As 2017 ends and I look back on the year we’ve had I’m stunned by the successes!  A few that come to mind include:

We worked a record number of man-hours. We had zero lost time injuries and a drastic reduction in the number of recordable and first-aid incidents. We developed new tools in the field to make our work safer and more efficient. We worked together better than ever before by sharing resources, knowledge, and ideas across all the projects. We won and... Read More
Posted: Aug-30-2017
A Message from Jim Reed

This weekend is the Labor Day holiday, which constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.

For everyone here at Hull, Labor Day means a much-needed three-day break from a very busy season. This season has had everyone working long hours to meet demanding schedules on high profile projects. 

It is humbling to see how much has been built already this year.

Take... Read More

Posted: May-16-2017

Last week we spent a few extra minutes discussing fall hazards in our morning huddles as part of the 2017 National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. Falls from heights and at same levels claim the lives of so many construction workers each year. As part of this important week, MIOSHA attended one of our safety meetings on I-75 and Square Lake to talk about fall safety. Please see the link below for the full article. Although our photo did not make the webpage, C.A. Hull is... Read More

Posted: Apr-28-2017
A Message from the Vice President

Since the 1930s, C.A. Hull has continually evolved. Through all of the change, one thing remains the same: C.A. Hull’s greatest asset is its people.   

Whether this is your first year with C.A. Hull, or you’ve been with us for your entire career, every single person impacts the safety and success of the company. As we embark upon a record year for man-hours in 2017, our collective contributions as a team will be more important than ever. We are... Read More

Posted: Feb-10-2017

Thank you to all of our employees who joined us for this year's Safety Summit and Zero Hero event!